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The Committee for the History and Culture of the Jews in the Netherlands was founded in connection with the organization of the first international symposium about the history of the Jews in the Netherlands. Its name in this first period was Committee for the History of the Jews in the Netherlands.  

The following scholars functioned as chairpersons of the Committee: Prof. I. Schoeffer, Prof. H. von der Dunk, Prof. S. Leydesdorff, and Prof. I. de Haan. The current chairperson is Prof. J. Frishman.

Until 2012 the Committee came under the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Since 2013 the Committee functions under the aegis of the Menasseh ben Israel Institute for Jewish social and cultural studies.

The members of the Committee are currently:

Judith Frishman (chairperson), David Wertheim (secretary), Remco Ensel, Jan Willem van Henten, Karin Hofmeester, Dienke Hondius, Selma Leydesdorff, Jessica Roitman, Frank van Vree, Bart Wallet, Irene Zwiep.

The most important activities of the Committee concern the organization of the Dutch versions of the International Symposia for the History and Culture of the Jews in the Netherlands, which alternately take place once every few years in Israel and in the Netherlands, the publication of the proceedings of these symposia, and the organization of the Hartog Beem Thesis Award for the best MA-thesis written at one of the Dutch or Belgian universities in the field of the history and culture of the Jews. In addition to this the Committee organizes workshops on a regular basis. It also took the initiative to revise the Dutch edition of the book about the history of the Jews in the Netherlands (Geschiedenis van de Joden in Nederland, Amsterdam: Balans, 2017).

For contact with the Commitee you can send an email to mbii@jck.nl