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Fri 26-04-2013
Writing Jewish History: Historical Consciousness, Essentialism, and Culture


In modern times writing the history of the Jews and Judaism has served to redefine Jewish culture. By countering the negative histories written about them by others, Jews became self-empowered. Yet the prevailing model of European Jewish histories has been and still is assimilation. In this model the "Jewishness" of Jewish history is contingent upon the degree of Jewish integration: the greater the integration the less "Jewish" the history.

Prof. Andreas Gotzmann (Erfurt), Dr. Klaus Hödl (Graz) and Prof. Willem Klooster (Worcester) will discuss the possibilities of Jewish historiography beyond both historical essentialism and the equation of modern Judaism with cultural loss.




Date:                           Friday April 26th, 2013
Time:                          10:30- 16:30
Location:                     Snouck Hurgronjehuis, Rapenburg 61, 2311 GJ Leiden
Registration:               Ms. Margot Starkenburg, Leiden Institute for Religious Studies (LIRS)
Tel:                             071-5272570
email:                         m.starkenburg@religion.leidenuniv.nl
admission:                  free

sponsors: Leiden University Fund * Leiden Institute for Religious Studies * The Menasseh ben Israel Institute Committee for the History and Culture of the Jews in the Netherlands (The Menasseh ben Israel Institute is an academic partnership of the University of Amsterdam and the Jewish Historical Museum) * The Institute for Culture and History of the University of Amsterdam



10.30 registration and coffee

11.00-12.00 Prof.dr. Andreas Gotzmann

“A Farewell to National History? Structures and Discourses of Modern Jewish History”

12.00-12.20 Q&A

Lunch Break (lunch can be bought in one of the many nearby restaurants/cafés)

13.30-14.30 Univ. Doz. Dr. Klaus Hödl

“The Notion of Jewish Culture in Jewish Historiography since WW II”

14.30-14.50 Q&A

coffee, tea

15.10-16.10 Prof.dr. Willem Klooster

"Jewish History Meets the Atlantic World: The Dutch Republic and the Oceanic Diaspora of Portuguese Jews"

16:10-16:30 Q&A

Andreas Gotzmann holds the Chair for Jewish Studies and Religious Studies at the University of Erfurt (Germany). His expertise covers the early modern and the modern period. Special fields of interest are cultural change and processes of social consolidation of cultural models and identities, legal and social history, as well as history of mentalities and ideas. He is one of the leading scholars to introduce approaches and methods of cultural studies to Jewish studies. He is author of Eigenheit und Einheit: Modernisierungsdiskurse des Deutschen Judentums der Emanzipationszeit (2002); Jüdische Autonomie in der Frühen Neuzeit. Recht und Gemeinschaft im deutschen Judentum(2008) and is co-editor of Modern Judaism and Historical Consciousness (2007)

Klaus Hödl
is Universitätsdozent at the Centrum für Jüdische Studien, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Austria). His research focuses on the history of East European Judaism, prejudice, Jewish identities and memory. ‪He is author of Wiener Juden - jüdische Wiener: Identität, Gedächtnis und Performanz im 19. Jahrhundert (2006); Kulturelle Grenzräume im jüdischen Kontext (2008) and Nicht nur Bildung, nicht nur Bürger: Juden in der Populärkultur (2013)

Willem Klooster is Professor of History at Clark University, Worcester, MA (USA) where he specializes in the history of the Atlantic world (15th-19th centuries). He teaches classes on comparative colonialism (the Americas), the age of Atlantic revolutions (1776-1824), and Caribbean history. He is the author of The Dutch in the Americas, 1600-1800 (1997); Illicit Riches. Dutch Trade in the Caribbean, 1648-1795 (1998) and Revolutions in the Atlantic World: A Comparative History (New York University Press 2009)

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