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Tue 30-04-2019

The jury has announced the nominations for the Hartog Beem Prize


Toegelaten/Afgewezen. Een digitale data-analyse van Joodse aanvragen tot asiel in Nederland 1938-1939.

by: Afke Berger


Judaism Organized: Concepts of Life and Organicity in German-Jewish Scholarship during the Nineteenth Century
by: Diederik Broeks


The Dutch-Jewish Circumcision Debates of the Nineteenth Century. The Medicalization of a Religious Rite.

by: Paulien Post


Under the Moon and the Stars: The Impact of the Great War on the Ottoman Sephardic Community in Antwerp (1870-1930)

by: Thomas Verbruggen


The winner will be announced during the lecture by prof. Steven Nadler on May 15th 

The Hartog Beem Prize is made possible by Stichting Collectieve Maror Gelden Nederland en Edward van Voolen

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