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Mon 02-12-2019
A genealogy of dis/placement. The Babylonian Jews

In collaboration with Spui 25, Joods Cultureel Kwartier & Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam

What is the significance of ‘place’ (makom in Hebrew, makan in Arabic) in the narration of the displaced Jewish-Iraqi community in the wake of overpowering political forces, which – in one form or another – generated a vortex that rendered a millennial existence in Mesopotamia impossible? This afternoon we reflect on this question with professor Ella Shohat.

Datum: 2 december 2019
Tijd:     17:00-18:30 uur
Plaats:  Spui 25, Amsterdam
Taal:     Engels

Voor meer informatie en reserveringen: https://www.spui25.nl/spui25-en/events/events/2019/12/a-genealogy-of-dis-placement-the-babylonian-jews.html