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Wed 21-09-2011
Jewish Loyalties in France

Third lecture in the series about Jewish Loyalties.

Dina demalkhuta dina : Collective Identity in the Nation-State
French Jewry and « double allegiance » in contemporary times

The problem of the integration of the Jews into the State has a long history in France, since the citizenship granted by the 1789 Revolution to the statute of the Jews imposed by the Vichy Regime, through the Napoleonic 1807 Great Sanhedrin. This history is significant not only  for the Jewish condition in modern times but also for the nature of the relationships between the Nation state and the groups inside it. The suspicion of double allegiance did not concern the Jews because they were also citizens of another country but because of their membership in a transnational people. Since 1967, the Six Days War, this suspicion knows a transformation. By its centralist political tradition France constitutes a mighty paradigm of this question.

Shmuel Trigano (1948 Blida Algerije), Professor of Sociology at the Université of Paris X Nanterre, is a distinguished French-Jewish intellectual in the field of political sociology and philosophy of Jewry, the collective and political aspects of the Jewish condition, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and modern French Jewry. About the latter topic he wrote l’Avenir des Juifs de France, in which he explains how modern French Jewry is in a crisis at the moment. He is also the author of many other books among which La nouvelle question juif (1979), La démission de la République : juifs et musulmans en France (2003). Les Frontières d’Auschwitz: Les ravages du devoir de mémoire (2005). and in English: The Democratic Ideal and the Shoah: the Unthought in Political Modernity (2009). He also published various articles in French newspapers like Le Monde en Libération.


This evening is part of the lecture series "Jewish Loyalties" organized by the Menasseh ben Israel Institute. For more information about the lectures series and reservations: tel +31(0)205310325 or click here


Date: September 21, 2011 at 8 PM










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