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‘Yiddish in the Netherlands. An expression of Ashkenazic culture’


The object of this project is to explore the realms of Dutch Yiddish, which has been studied little so far.


The programme encompasses two doctoral research projects at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, an edition of the so-called Kuranten (by H. Pach) and a study of Yiddish history works (by B. Wallet), and two post-graduate research projects at Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf in Germany, one into the protocol books of the Jewish communities outside Amsterdam (by S. Litt) and a repertory of Dutch Yiddish manuscripts (by E. Butzer).


This project has been prepared by the Menasseh ben Israel Institute during two study days in  1998 and 1999 and an international congress in Middelburg, which resulted in the collection: Speaking Jewish - Jewish Speak; Multilingualism in Western Ashkenazic Culture, Studia Rosenthaliana 36 (2002-2003).




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