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Special Chair in Yiddisch language and culture, in particular in the Netherlands


Till his sudden death in August 2015, Prof. dr Shlomo Berger held this chair, which was instituted by the Menasseh ben Israel Institute. The revived interest in Yiddish in the Dutch and Dutch-Jewish society focuses largely on non-Dutch, primarily East-European Yiddish heritage. The chair draws attention to the specific importance of Dutch Yiddish, which reflects the Dutch-Jewish identity and life.

Te Menasseh ben Israel Institute, in cooperation with the Abteilung fürJiddische Kultur, Sprache und Literatur at the Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf organizes a yearly symposium about Yiddish culture, which can be attended by anyone who is interested. The proceedings of the symposiums are published by the Menasseh ben Israel Institute.

Subjects of the past symposiums are:

- The Bible in/and Yiddish

- The Multiple Voices of Modern Yiddish Literature

- Early Yiddish Poetry

- Early Modern Yiddish Poetry
- The Art of Storytelling: the Yiddish Mayse
- Politics and Yiddish

- From the Shtelt to the Metropolis

- Between Yiddish and Hebrew

- Yiddish Cities: Montreal, Melbourne and Tel Aviv

- Margins and Centers in Yiddish Culture and Literature

- Dutch in Yiddish, Yiddish in Dutch

- Yiddish after 1945

- Yiddish and Modernism