Marion Aptroot (ed.): Yiddish Knights, Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium 14, (ISBN 978-90-829674-0-1, 64 pp, Amsterdam 2020).

€ 7,50

Yiddish literature is a Jewish literature. It is also a European literature and its literary materials and forms reflect contacts with Jewish and non-Jewish cultures. It is therefore not surprising that we find Yiddish texts about knights from the Middle Ages and early modern period. In the specialist lectures at this symposium, which will all be presented in English, we encounter epic poems and romances resulting from contact with Hebrew (biblical, midrashic), German and Italian literatures.

Articles by: 

Oren Roman:
Chivalric scenes in Yiddish retellings of the Books of the Former Prophets

Astrid Lembke:
When may a knight choose not to act? Differing concepts of valor, love, and gender roles in a Middle High German romance and in its Yiddish adaptation

Miriam Edlich-Muth:
The artifice of being a medieval knight in Elye Bokher’s Bovo d’Antona


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