Humans, Monkeys, Injustice

Humans, Monkeys, Injustice A theatrical reading of Jewish German drama in nineteenth century Berlin Reading of Ludwig Robert’s play, Der Pavian, ein Trauerspiel, from 1824, about a baboon that symbolizes the treatment of German Jews. The reading will be introduced by Ezra Engelsberg (DIA), and commented upon by Deborah Hertz (University of California)


Studia 1(48)

The new Studia Rosenthaliana is out, with articles on the philosophical vision of the 17th century Jewish author Penso de la Vega on the Amsterdam stock market, on the first Jewish medical student in Leiden, and the intriguing Early Modern residents of the Amsterdam Jewish quarter Vlooienburg


The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Refutation

22-3-2022 20:00-21:30 in Aula UvA, Singel 411, Amsterdam (hosted by Spui25)

During this event, a collective team of Dutch historians presents a bilingual Dutch-English report in which they critically review the main arguments of The Betrayal of Anne Frank.(in English)

Bart Wallet (University of Amsterdam)
Raymund Schütz (Haags Gemeentearchief)
Laurien Vastenhout (NIOD)
Aaldrik Hermans (independent historian)
Bart van der Boom (Leiden University)
Hanco Jürgens (DIA)


Bart Wallet Professor of Jewish Studies

Bart Wallet appointed professor of Jewish Studies

Dr Bart Wallet has been appointed professor of Jewish Studies: Early Modern and Modern Jewish History, with a special focus on Amsterdam, at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities. The chair was established in collaboration with, and with support from, the Menasseh ben Israel Institute Foundation.


Do we need to decolonize Dutch-Jewish History, and, if so, how?

The 15th International Symposium on Dutch Jewish History and Culture, ‘The Imperial Turn in Dutch Jewish History’, has been postponed until 4-5 October 2021. As compensation and appetizer, we are organizing an online round table on the topic: Do we need to decolonize Dutch-Jewish history, and if so, how? Participants:Monique Alberts, Head Librarian/archivist



online conference: THE POLITICS OF JEWISH LITERATURE AND THE MAKING OF POSTWAR EUROPE Jewish literature — by which we understand all literature that is perceived or labeled as Jewish by critics, readers, publishers and/or authors — has struck a powerful chord in postwar European culture. Its unprecedented popularity can be discerned in the