May 15th, 16th

The Rabbis of Early Modern Amsterdam: Challenges, Achievements, Legacies


February 28, 2024

Yiddish Culture in a Modernizing Eastern Europe

This Symposium will explore the vibrancy of Yiddish culture in a modernizing Eastern Europe, with lectures on performing arts scene of Warsaw, the rise and significance of the popular Yiddish press, and the influence of communism on avant-garde literature.


The new issue of Studia Rosenthaliana is out (2023 2), with articles on probably the oldest mention of Dutch Jews (in den Bosch), Ashkenasi religious laxity in early modern Amsterdam,  Jewish peddlars in late 19th and early 20th century Amsterdam, and an English translation of Bart Wallet’s inaugural lecture on


Listen to our podcast ‘The Self of the Historian’ with Bernard Wasserstein,


The new Studia Rosenthaliana 1-2023 is out.
This tima a special issue titled:

The Imperial Turn in Dutch Jewish History: Cases, Questions, and Considerations

guest editor: Jessica Roitman

It includes articles on Dutch Jewish history in the Dutch East Indies, Dutch Brazil, Indian Cochin and the Sephardic attitudes to slavery in Amsterdam


The Self of the Historian

Book presentation with Bernard Wasserstein

22-9-2023, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Jewish Museum

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘Me, Jewish?!’ about Dutch-Jewish “ego documents” such as diaries, memoirs, and letters, David Wertheim talks with Bernard Wasserstein about the challenges of writing his newest book A Small Town In Ukraine, that uses “ego documents”, but in a sense is also one.