Interview Bernard Wasserstein en

The Self of the Historian

Book presentation with Bernard Wasserstein

22-9 2:00-3:30 p.m. Jewish Museum

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘Me, Jewish?!’ about Dutch-Jewish “ego documents” such as diaries, memoirs, and letters, David Wertheim talks with Bernard Wasserstein about the challenges of writing his newest book A Small Town In Ukraine, that uses “ego documents”, but in a sense is also one. 


Studia 48(2) is out

Read in this issue: Julia van der Krieke on how the Jews of Constantinople assisted in the settlement of Jewish in the Republic, Jason G. Perlman on the political activities of the Jewish community in Dutch Brazil in the 17th century, Daniella Zaidman-Mauer on a 19th century Dutch Jewish vaccination campaign against smallpox, Marianka Spanjaard on the Dutch representation of diplomatic interests of Israel in Poland, and much more


Inaugural lecture Jessica Roitman

“Jews, History, and Home-making: Colonial Contradictions and Contemporary Challenges”

Inaugural Lecture Jessica Roitman at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Wednesday the 29th of March at 15.45 in the aula of the Vrije Universiteit.


Humans, Monkeys, Injustice

Humans, Monkeys, Injustice A theatrical reading of Jewish German drama in nineteenth century Berlin Reading of Ludwig Robert’s play, Der Pavian, ein Trauerspiel, from 1824, about a baboon that symbolizes the treatment of German Jews. The reading will be introduced by Ezra Engelsberg (DIA), and commented upon by Deborah Hertz (University of California)


Studia 1(48)

The new Studia Rosenthaliana is out, with articles on the philosophical vision of the 17th century Jewish author Penso de la Vega on the Amsterdam stock market, on the first Jewish medical student in Leiden, and the intriguing Early Modern residents of the Amsterdam Jewish quarter Vlooienburg