Marcel Worms (piano)

Marcel Worms (1951) studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Hans Dercksen. He also had lessons with the Russian pianist Youri Egorov and with Alicia de Larrocha. He has recorded 24 solo cd’s and 20 chamber music cd’s. He has contributed to various projects for the revival of Dutch Jewish Composers, such as Leo Smit and Rosy Wertheim. His latest CDs focus on the classical music of the Caribbean, on the music of the Baltic countries (including the complete works for piano by Arvo Pärt), on music by composers inspired by Chopin and on Preludes and Fugues by Bach, Mendelssohn and Shostakovich. In 2020 and 2021 he recorded Bach’s complete Welltempered Clavier (book I and book II).

Jewish Composers and the New World

Concert during the 15th Symposium of the History and Culture of the Jews in the Netherlands ‘The Imperial Turn in Dutch Jewish History’ 4-5 October 2021


Sebastián Díaz Peña (Curaçao, 1844-1926) Marcha Nupcial

Charles Maduro (Curaçao, 1883-1947)

Curaçao (Waltz)

Hélène (Morceau Caractéristique) 

Abraham Mordechay Capriles ( Curaçao, 1864 – ?)

Pensée (andante mosso)

Una Naranjera (Waltz) 

Abraham Lopez Penha (Curaçao, 1865-1927)

Causerie (danza)

Dario Savreeda (Suriname, 1876 – 1909)

Valsa Esperantista

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (USA, 1829 – 1869)

Souvenir de Puerto Rico

Dick Kattenburg (the Netherlands, 1919 – 1944)

Blues (1940)

Aaron Copland (USA,1900 – 1990)

Four Piano Blues                          

 -Freely poetic (1926)

-Soft and languid (1926)

-Muted and sensuous (1947)          

-With bounce (1948)

 George Gershwin (USA, 1898 – 1937)

Three Preludes (1926)