Online Conference February 2-3, 2021.

The Politics of Jewish Literature and the Making of Europe.

This conference aims to investigate the pan-European postwar fascination for Jewish literature and the role it played in articulations of, and promoting a shared political and cultural agenda. It will do so with papers that relate the widespread interest for Jewish writers and their work to patterns of cultural and political regeneration in postwar Europe. 

Because of the online character of the conference, the sessions will be wholly devoted to discussion amongst the panelists and therefore not consist of the reading out of papers. The discussions will be based on the panelists research projects and expertise, on which abstracts will be distributed in advance.


dr. Guido Snel (senior lecturer European Studies, UvA, ARTES, Amsterdam school for Regional and Transnational Studies)Prof. Prof. dr. Ton Nijhuis (department chairman Political Science/ Germany Studies, director Duitsland Institute, Amsterdam)
Dr. David Wertheim (director Menasseh ben Israel Institute for Jewish Studies)
Prof. dr. Irene Zwiep (Amsterdam School of Historical Studies, director Amsterdam Institute of Humanities Research)


Keynote: Interview with Arnon Grunberg (date and time to be announced) 


February 2nd


Paul Celan and The regeneration of postwar Europe and the memory of the Holocaust:

(panelists: Paul Sars, Ton Naaijkens, Andreas Kilcher)


Kafka, Zweig, Anna Seghers and The postwar European renaissance of prewar German- Jewish Literature

(panelists: Nicole Colin, Vivian Liska, Marleen Rensen)


contemporary Jewish Literature on Jewish Identity in the Netherlands and France

(panelists: Remco Ensel, Yra van Dijk, Yolande Janssen)


February 3rd


Dialogue and Conflict: The European Appeal of Israeli Literature

(panelists: Yaniv Hagbi, Anat Feinberg)


American Jewish Literature and Europe’s transatlantic Imaginaries of Jewishness

(panelists:  Andrew Gross, Michael Kimmage, George Blaustein)


Eastern European Jewish Literature

(panelists: Eva Stacyk, Gabor Schein, Guido Snel)


information about registration is still to be announced