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Jews in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century: a Biographical Dictionary

In the context of this project some 6,000 biographies have been written of twentieth-century Dutch Jews who in some way or other have contributed to Dutch and/or Dutch-Jewish society.  The  600 most important biographies have been included in the reference work Joden in Nederland in de Twintigste Eeuw; Een biografisch Woordenboek [Jews in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary], the other biographies can be viewed on-line at www.jodeninnederland.nl.

The editors of the project were: Dr. Salvador Bloemgarten, Prof. dr Rena Fuks, Peter Manasse, drs. Lies Poesiat and drs. Wout Visser. Until October 1st 2003 they were assisted by coordinating editor Rosa Lehmann and as of January 1, 2005 by drs. Wally de Lange.