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Jewish Entrepreneurs in the Dutch Leather Industry, 1870-1940


            Using two case studies this project makes a comprehensive start with the historical research into Jewish entrepreneurs in the leather industry and trade.  An inventory will be made to establish whether the quantitative share of Jewish entrepreneurs and businesses in the Dutch leather industry was really as substantial as the existing literature surmises.

            The entrepreneurs’ social status will be discussed as well.  To this end a (qualitative) comparison will be made with non-Jewish entrepreneurs to determine to what extent and how their Jewish identity affected the individuals researched. It will be examined whether and how the usual expressions of successful Jewish entrepreneurship such as the position as ethnic minority, the degree of integration in a non-Jewish environment, the favourable starting position as traders, their (international) network and anti-Semitic opposition played a role


Researchers:  Dr. Serge ter Braake

                    Drs. Pauil van Trigt

The results of this research project have been published in de "Menasseh ben Israel Institute Studies" series. More information about this publication and other editions in the same series, can be found here.