Shlomo Berger (ed.), The Bible in/and Yiddish; Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium 1 (Amsterdam 2007).


This collection of essays, published in the Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium series, discusses the translation of the Bible in Yiddish, as well as the influence of biblical translations on Yiddish as a language. Chava Turniansky writes about ‘Reception and Rejection of Yiddish Renderings of the Bible.’ Erika Timm gives an overview of the influence of Ashkenazi Bible translations on the development of the Yiddish common language, while Marion Aptroot’s article focuses on Yiddish bibles printed in Amsterdam, the leading European centre of Hebrew and Yiddish printing from the mid-seventeenth century.


Chava Turniansky: Reception and Rejection of Yiddish Renderings of the Bible;

Erika Timm: Der Einfluss der aschkenasischen Bibelübersetzungstätigkeit auf die Jiddische Gemeinsprache;

Marion Aptroot: Yiddish Bibles in Amsterdam