Marion Aptroot (ed.), Yiddish Theater, Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium 13 (ISBN ISBN 978-90-829674-2-5, 60 pp.,  Amsterdam 2020).



The history of the Yiddish theater is not a straightforward one. In traditional Judaism, theatrical performances could only put on at the festival of Purim and by men. The texts performed that have come down to us are no fully developed dramas. This apparently started to change around 1700, since some texts of plays which have been preserved from that period onwards have the hallmarks of contemporary drama. However, we can only speak of a modern professional Yiddish theater from the second half of the nineteenth century.

In this publication, Evi Michels discusses the developments in the early modern period with a special emphasis on Amsterdam and Alyssa Quint describes the beginnings of the modern Yiddish theater.


Evi Michels, Early Yiddish Theater Performances in Amsterdam

Alyssa Quint, The Accidental Rise of the Modern Yiddish Theater