Shlomo Berger (ed.), Between Yiddish and Hebrew; Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium 7 (ISBN 978-90-815860-7-8, 74 pp. Amsterdam 2012)


: Proceedings of the seventh annual Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium which addressed questions relating to the bilingual nature of Ashkenazi society – in the diaspora and subsequently in Eretz Israel and the State of Israel – and the manifold relationships existing between the canonical and holy language Hebrew and the daily vernacular Yiddish.


Jean Baumgarten: The Seyfer ha-minhogim by Shimon ben
Yehuda ha-Levi Guenzburg (Venice, 1593) and the origin of an Old Yiddish literary tradition;

Ken Frieden: The Suppression of Yiddish by the Early Hasidim and Their Opponents;

Yael Chaver: Brenner and Agnon Between Languages: Yiddish in Early Twentieth-century Hebrew Literature.