Judith Frishman (ed.), New Perspectives on Jewish Historiography

Menasseh ben Israel Instituut Studies xiii (ISBN 978-90-822655-6-9, 116 pagina’s, Amsterdam 2017)

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The art of writing about Jewish History has a long history itself, and is still developing. The three articles in this issue of Menasseh ben Israel Institute Studies, written by prominent theoreticians of Jewish Historiography, discuss the origins of the writing about Jewish History, its development and change in the light of societal and academic debates on history writing. Andreas Gotzmann discusses how a “minority” perspective has led Jewish historiography to remain a conservative endeavor. Klaus Hödl argues that mainstream historiography, in adhering to unqualified notions of assimilation and acculturation, has ignored popular culture and hampered our understanding of the interactive nature of Jewishness. Wim Klooster traces the consequences for Jewish Historiography in the wake of new research into the Atlantic World in the 17th and 18th centuries. Their new perspectives on Jewish Historiography will be of interest to all interested in Jewish History writing, whether scholarly or popular.