Studia Rosenthaliana, Journal of the History, Culture and Heritage of the Jews in the Netherlands is the world’s only scholarly journal on the history of Dutch Jewry.

The Menasseh ben Israel Institute has re-launched Studia Rosenthaliana in 2020 as double-blind peer-reviewed fully “diamond” open access academic journal, published with Amsterdam University Press. The Menasseh ben Israel Institute serves as its editorial office.

The new Studia Rosenthaliana 1 2024 (50) is out, with Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld on the Portuguese Jewish pawnbank Honen Dalim, Lilac Torgeman on the 19th century shadarut, and the inaugural lecture of Jessica Roitman, ‘Jews, History, and Home-making: Colonial Contradictions and Contemoporary Challenges‘.


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Advisory board: Prof. Shmuel Feiner Bar Ilan University, Israel, Prof. Matt Goldish Ohio State Univesity, USA, Prof. Jonathan Israel Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, USA, Prof. Yosef Kaplan Hebrew University Jerusalem, Prof. James Kennedy Universiteit Utrecht, Prof. Vivian Liska Universiteit Antwerpen, Hebrew University, Prof. Dan Michman Bar Ilan University/ Yad Vashem, Israel, Prof. Steven Nadler University of Wisconsin-Madison, Prof. Emile Schrijver University of Amsterdam, director Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam